12. Very friendly staff. They had lots of stuff to choose from. My kids had a blast.-Daniel Murray

1. It Brings my Family and I Closer – “The girls in my family and I try to come every month for a girl’s day and we get to spend quality time together and what is more fun than painting at Paint N' Fun?” – Amber M.

Over the last 8 years Paint N' Fun has heard from many of our customers about why they choose to have creative adventures at Paint N' Fun. Here’s what some of YOUR favorite reasons to paint pottery are:

2. It’s a Fun Time – “Paint N' Fun has become a very special place for me and some of my closest friends.  We began as just a one time thing to get together to catch up. We had such a great time we continue to have our Girl’s Night Out every couple of months at Paint N' Fun. We paint, laugh and catch up! The staff is so helpful and all about making each visit the best experience. We have never had a complaint. Thank you for the the fun time!”  Stacey G.

8. Great selection of ceramics and paint, friendly staff, nice glaze, and room for lots of people. 😁 -Elizabeth Childers

9. I love this place.-Hannah E

5. I love coming here! Everyone is always so nice and helpful. The employees are even interested in seeing your final product! I have been here a few times with my boyfriend. I can't wait until my two younger sisters come to visit so I can bring them here! 

11.Awesome family fun at a reasonable price.- Byron Turner

We LOVE hearing from you!

3. Amazing pieces, great atmosphere, and a helpful staff!-"You really feel included even if you aren't the best painter. Best place for kids, adults, and even college students alike!" - Benjamin M.


4. Great Date Night-"Okay so this is going to sound silly coming from a full-grown man but this store makes for a great part of a date night!
You walk in, choose from a wide array of statues, one for you and one for your date, and then you get creative. You get to paint, glitter, glue, and have fun like a kid again!
I bring my wife here when we need a night out because it's a great little escape where we can let go of being adults for a little while and just be silly. When my daughter is old enough to not try and eat the paints she'll be coming here with us." -
Jeremiah F.

​6. Def love this and will go again -Michelle Porterfield

7. So Much FUN ​-Kathy French

10. Fun little shop where you can paint. The shop is quiet so you can focus on painting or relax. Reasonably priced to paint your own keepsake.- Ben Owen