Paint at Home​

Pottery To Go


Paint At Home

If you are still uncomfortable painting in our studio, you can grab "TO-GO" projects.

Give us a call at 540 381-1770, send us a message, or stop by the studio to pick out your art. and we will get your kit packaged and ready for pick up.

1. Choose your Pottery. (Letter and Number), (Tag with an X is a box, Tag with a dot is a bank)
2. Choose your paint colors.
Our kit includes up to 6 paints, 2 brushes, toothpicks (for detail work), and Q-tips (for making dots)
3. Paint your pottery.
4. You can return to the studio at a later time if you want to finish your pottery, add glitter and have your pottery glossed. 

Click on the following links to order: